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Wes Aderhold's debut solo show in Los Angeles

may 26 - July 20

Maison Lune

This body of work is about duality and what it means to be an imperfect human. It captures psychological and physical dissonance. Truth versus illusion. The subjects of these portraits need nothing from us, yet demand to be seen. They exist and interact in a world that is surreal, yet familiar. They comfort, yet control each other. They hold themselves together, yet tear themselves apart. These voiceless characters communicate implicitly. 

The dichotomy of form helps to amplify the themes of duality and contradiction. The paintings are both purposefully crisp and unfinished. Bits of exposed canvas are hidden throughout like little secrets between myself and the viewer - giving them a glimpse into the chaotic blueprint and what might have been by highlighting that perfection isn’t welcome here. Sharp forms bump up against freeform dissipated color. Human features hold shape while being distorted and fragmented. The sharp and definitive oil pastel lines act as puppet strings and confine the subjects within their own bodies. I chose colors that evoke a sense of nostalgia while challenging binary understandings of color theory. 

In a world where we are so disconnected, it is my hope that by exposing pieces of myself, my family and my experiences in these portraits, that it holds the space for the viewer to examine their own identity and self-perception. 

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